Our team of doctors, nurses, and administrative staff care about our patients.

The practice has grown because of the many recommendations and referrals we have received from established patients and physicians.

Our practice is active in obstetrics, fertility, menopause and gynecological surgery. Our team of doctors worked closely with several hospitals to offer advanced laparoscopic surgeries including myomectomies and hysterectomies done completely with the laparoscope. The rapid recovery, higher safety profile, and improved patient comfort has made our focus on minimally invasive surgery almost as satisfying as our focus on helping women to overcome infertility and delivering babies.

Visit us at either one of our locations: Downtown San Francisco or Laurel Village.

Rachel Shu, M.D.
Stephanie Chun, M.D.
Karen Chu, M.D.
Bethany Golden, CNM

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Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery
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